About Us

Founded 87 years ago, Pflaumer Brothers, Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals based on proprietary technology for coatings, inks, plastics, metalworking fluids and lubricants, as well as other applications such as composites and electronics.  Pflaumer’s technology covers a broad range of chemistries, including polymerized phosphate esters, polyglycerol esters, surface-active polyesters and polyamides, polymerized isocyanates, polyurethanes, epoxy crosslinkers, polyaspartics, acrylic and methacrylic polymers, and specialty amines. 

Pflaumer has developed considerable know-how in dispersions of solids in liquids, such as pigment dispersions, and in the technology of nano-dispersions where the solid particles are less than one micron in diameter, such as graphene nano-ribbons and graphene quantum dots, both crystals of carbon.

The company also has expertise in the synthesis of organic crystals. This know-how was acquired through the creation of organic compounds for use as pigments and in the “treatment” or modification of pigments to make pigments effective for various applications, including coatings, inks and plastics.  The pigments are used in high-performance applications such as automotive coatings, and they include classes of pigments known as quinacridone and DPP. 

Pflaumer has a unique position in industry through its combination of technology involving polymer chemistry, crystal chemistry, and mixing/milling equipment used to combine polymers and crystals.  An example is the combination of polymeric dispersants, wetting agents, and grinding resins manufactured by Pflaumer with organic and inorganic pigments, resulting in dispersions sold as color concentrates used in coatings, inks, plastics and other applications.

Pflaumer works to emphasize the development of technology on chemical products for high-performance coatings:  polyaspartics, epoxies, and urethanes.  Pflaumer is a leader in offering polyaspartic amines and offers a complete line of materials used in the formulation of  polyaspartic coatngs:

  • polymeric isocyanates,
  • polyaspartic amines,
  • specially designed colorants, -- masstones and more than 30 tints,
  • functional additives to improve flow, leveling, and deaeration (including high-build applications),
  • reactive diluents and non-reactive diluents  to reduce viscosity, replacing conventional solvents.

Unique aliphatic trimer isocyanates are designed for polyaspartic coatings to supplement its complete line of aliphatic isocyanates.  These isocyanates extend working time, reduce viscosity, improve adhesion to metal, and provide a range of flexibility to polyaspartic coatings.

Specially designed polyaspartic amines offer extended working times, low viscosity, flexibility, and improvements in adhesion.

Specialty polyols are marketed by Pflaumer for use in 2-K urethanes as well as water-based polyols for polyurethane polymer concrete.  Specialty aromatic isocyanates are manufactured for urethane polymer concrete as well to extend working time and promote faster cure rates.  Unique curing agents for 2K epoxies are rapidly gaining market acceptance for high-performance coatings.  In addition, a new line of monomeric-based color concentrates is offered for polyaspartics, epoxies, urethanes and water-based systems such as urethane polymer concrete.

Products currently offered by Pflaumer Brothers reflect the broad range of this technology:


  • Pigment wetting agents, polymeric dispersants and surfactants;
  • Specialty polymers, including polymeric isocyanates for 2K systems;
  • Specialty amines for reactive coatings systems such as polyaspartics;
  • Polyols for high-performance urethane coatings;
  • Crosslinkers for epoxy resins;
  • Bubble-release agents;
  • Flow and leveling agents;
  • Catalysts;
  • Reactive and non-reactive diluents;
  • Functional additives and resins;
  • Emulsions;
  • Chemical Intermediates;
  • Pigment dispersions and color concentrates, and
  • Specialty nano-materials, dispersions and solutions.

Customers recognized the expertise offered by Pflaumer’s technical service in helping to improve their products and businesses.   This work often leads to the development of new products, such as isocyanate prepolymers, that are created to meet special performance and application requirements for the customer. 

Pflaumer’s main manufacturing facility is located in Ewing, NJ  and is equipped with five separate laboratories – an applications lab, a colorants lab, an analytical lab,  a synthesis lab, and a pilot lab for scale-up.  A second manufacturing facility is located in Wartrace, TN.  Pflaumer established a wholly owned subsidiary, Pflaumer Brothers GmbH, in Germany to serve the European Union and the UK. Products are available through distributors  world-wide.

Pflaumer’s future is focused on the development of technology relating to advanced materials, including products based on nano-technology.  Based on patented technology, Pflaumer has helped develop and commercialize graphene quantum dots.   Carbon dot products have huge potential in television, personal displays, lighting, drug delivery, and anti-counterfeiting.   


Additional advanced materials being developed by Pflaumer includes functionalized graphene, composites, hyper-dispersants and unique polymer systems for the construction, composites, and energy markets.